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Dangerous Assignment

Starring Brian Donlevy as Steve Mitchell, Dangerous Assignment was an adventure, international espionage series debuted during the Cold War years. Broadcast from 1949 to 1953, the series was a product of the anti-communism movement. Steve Mitchell was commissioned as an agent for an unidentified U.S. goverment agency. Herb Butterfield played Mitchell's boss, the nameless Commissioner who assigns Mitchell to tasks around the world. Betty Moran portrayed the Commissioner's secretary.

This action-packed story is narrated in first person present tense from Mitchell's perspective. The plot often involves Mitchell's being dispatched to exotic hotspots around the globe where trouble awaits him.

The show opens with Mitchell's deep voice, “Yeah, danger is my assignment. I get sent to a lot of places I can’t even pronounce. They all spell the same thing though, trouble.”

Show Name Date Aired
Relief Supplies July 9, 1949
Sunken Ships July 16, 1949
Nigerian Safari July 23, 1949
Millionaire Murders August 6, 1949
Alien Smuggling August 13, 1949
File Number 307 August 20, 1949
Berlin Kidnapping January 9, 1950
Missing Japanese Weapons February 6, 1950
Captain Rock February 13, 1950
The Greek Connection February 20, 1950
International Blackmail March 20, 1950
The Sheik's Secret March 27, 1950
Pirate Loot April 10, 1950
Flying Saucers over Santa Rosa April 17, 1950
The Nazi and the Physicist April 24, 1950
Sabotage in Paris May 3, 1950
The Lost City May 17, 1950
Burmese Witness May 24, 1950
Vienna Mystery August 2, 1950
Death Drums August 9, 1950
Hired Killer August 16, 1950
Bombay Gun Runners August 23, 1950
Guided Missile Plans August 30, 1950

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